Boast AI has partnered with OmniSync to ensure innovators can easily accelerate their innovation and R&D. While OmniSync supports entrepreneurs in winning SBIR and STTR grants and contracts to fund their R&D, Boast helps you access the billions of dollars available in R&D tax credits.

Together, Boast and OmniSync are helping you grow faster. 

Members of the Boast community can use code “BOAST20OFF” for 20% off of TurboSBIR’s Applicant Plan.

The Boast AI Engine is the world’s most advanced algorithm for tax eligibility, preparation, and claims.

How Boast AI Supports Startups

Many startups will conduct comprehensive research and development in the pursuit of innovation.

Eligible startups can receive hundreds of thousands of dollars from government tax incentive programs. 

Boast creates claims based on a startup’s detailed R&D project, financial, and payroll records, and automatically created what is needed for accurate claims. 

Once approved by the government, the R&D credit can be applied to offset payroll taxes or income taxes. 

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In their federal SBIR/STTR program, the United States government has allocated $4 Billion in non-dilutive federal funding for startups focused on research and development. TurboSBIR’s software is the most affordable, efficient and high-quality way to help entrepreneurs find and apply to SBIR/STTR grants and contracts. 

How TurboSBIR Supports Startups

TurboSBIR offers a streamlined application process from search to submission, including:

  • Free AI search + matching tools
  • Easy proposal preparation software and workflows
  • Winning samples, templates, and guides
  • Access to PhD-level proposal writers 
  • Resources to build your team 
  • Exclusive discount offerings

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TurboSBIR and Boast are aligned in our mission to help founders grow their businesses through non-dilutive funding whether it's government grants or tax credits. The TurboSBIR platform makes it easier for founders to find grants that are applicable to their business and simplifies the processes to claim these non-dilutive sources of capital.



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