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TurboSBIR makes it easy and affordable to create a high-quality proposal. Our PhD-level proposal writers work alongside you every step of the way. We offer paid upfront as well as success-based (due, only if you win) payment models for the grant-writing support. Our win-rates typically exceed national averages by more than double!

We GUARANTEE compliant submissions and high-quality proposals, as long as you are committed to applying and collaborating with us through the program!

Client Testimonials

Zhiqing C.CEO, Innovision LLC
Multiple DoD, NSF, SBIR Winner
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"Nice to have guidance and assistance from Rupak and other people from TurboSBIR for a NSF SBIR Phase I proposal. Procedure and the template for each step really help for those who are not familiar with the requirements of SBIR proposals."
Reena P.Adaptive Surface Technologies, Inc.
Multiple DoD SBIR Winnner
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"Omnisync provided helped us prepare a Phase I SBIR proposal. With their support and feedback we were able to iron out details and overall write a strong proposal."
John H. CEO, Skillpower Inc.
SBIR Awardee
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"Within 60 days of working with OmniSync we landed an SBIR contract with the US Air Force. In addition to their fantastic work helping us win non-dilutive funding they also provide valuable operational services and discounts for key things a startup needs. I already recommended them to other friends running startups."
Steve B.Founder/CEO, VRx Medical Inc.
Multiple DoD, NIH SBIR Winner
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"I give very high commendations to TurboSBIR/OmniSync for the entire program put together – company mentoring and professional grant writing – all in a “one-stop-shop” format! And I especially give high commendations to Rupak Doshi for all his expertise and help. Navigating the complex maze required by various government agencies is daunting in its own right, let alone being able to succinctly put together compelling proposal documents. In both areas, TurboSBIR excelled beyond my expectations! I would give high recommendations to other companies interested in your services. When I was trying to make my decision to engage with TurboSBIR, I would have liked to speak with someone who could give an overview of the entire process, because I think your programs are best suited for committed companies. Bravo!!!"




About the SpaceWERX

SpaceWERX is a new program launched by the US Space Force, which has several overlapping features with the well-known AFWERX program from the Air Force. The program is soliciting proposals that aim to develop potential commercial products in the emerging On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM) market, to include Life Extension; Satellite Refueling; On-Orbit Inspection; Orbit Transfer; End of Life Servicing, for potential use in Active Debris Removal (ADR), reuse and recycling of materials to build the foundation for assembly and manufacturing in space.

Funded Topics

This Open Topics solicitation is designed to fund products that have dual-use., i.e. have an application on the commercial side and an application within Space Force’s typical On-Orbit Servicing, Assembly, and Manufacturing (OSAM) missions, which may include one or more of the areas below:

1. On-Orbit Object Approach: Approach and rendezvous with the orbital object (to include space debris, etc.) using approach and Rendezvous Proximity Operations (RPO) algorithms​

   a. Inspection, Sensing, Characterization and Planning for capture

   b. Rendezvous Proximity Operations (RPO)

2. On-Orbit Object Acquisition: Capture and Control the orbital object and/or perform Rendezvous Proximity Operations Docking (RPOD)

   a. Execute capture

   b. Update control algorithms with new dynamic system

   c. Safe operations should be considered throughout RSO acquisition

3. On-Orbit Object Service: Remediate the RSO by repairing, repositioning, refueling, de-orbiting, reusing or recycling, etc. 

   a. End Of Life Servicing (EOLS)

   b. De-orbit Maneuver

   c. Destination Orbits

   d. Mission Extension

   e. Reuse/Recycling of objects/materials 

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Deadline for the next cohort for the 2022 cycle is Dec. 21st 2021.


TurboSBIR is mashup of a novel software solution with human guidance that helps startups find and apply for SBIR grants and contracts by streamlining and simplifying the process. Think of TurboSBIR as the “TurboTax for SBIRs” – like how you might get a CPA from TurboTax to help you with your taxes, you can get PhD-level consultants to help with your proposals. More information is available at 

The US Small Business Administration oversees the administration of over $4 B every year in grant and contract funding to innovation-driven small business startups, under the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program. The program is run by 13 Federal agencies that fund various areas of science and technologynamely Dept. of Defense, Health and Human Services (includes NIH), National Science Foundation, NASA, and others. The STTR is a sister program, which is similar to SBIR, but designed to foster collaborations between startups and university/non-profit research partner. More information is available at 

TurboSBIR used the best of both worlds (streamlined technology and human intelligence) to ensure the creation of high-quality proposals, while keeping it affordable for early-stage startups. The 4Startups program runs in cohorts throughout the year and offers a structured program with weekly informational and Q&A sessions to help startups understand the nuances of any specific agency’s SBIR program.  

At its base-level the program costs $100/mo. This pays for the TurboSBIR software, weekly sessions, as well as submission assistance from our team. You should expect to work with us for 6 months, since that’s how long it takes for preparing 2-3 different SBIR proposals, which is the most efficient way to maximize your chances of winning.  

The 4Startups programs also makes it possible for us to economically provide add-on PhD-level proposal writing assistance throughout the process to every startup that requests it. We have paid upfront as well as success-based (paid only if you win) models available to choose from, making it very flexible and easy for startups to get help.  

More details here – 

We have successfully run this program for several cohorts now and have time and again shown that combination of human excellence and technology-based streamlining of process is a far more superior way to prepare SBIR proposals. So much so that we are willing to bet our money on it (standard proposal writing services cost between $5-10K per project)Our team of grant writer/consultants have a higher-than-average success-ratewhich helps with the unit economics for our operations. 

Our CEO, Rupak Doshi is one of those people who believe that this model lends itself to unethical behavior from grant writers. However, this is the case when grantwriting consultants discriminate between startups on offering this modelbecause it encourages unequal amounts of effort from the consultant for different startups. Instead, we offer all models to ALL qualified startups, without discrimination and leave it to the startups to make the decision depending on their time/budget available. 

No – that would be unrealistic to expect at this price-point. Proposal writers can help position your ideas to win and create language/jargon that SBIR reviewers are used to seeing. But they are not your fractional CSOCTO or CMO, so it’s not their job to create your product development or commercialization roadmap. However, before and during the writing phases, we often advise our startups on whether their roadmap makes sense from a reviewer’s perspective and often push back on what we feel are bad ideas, so that the startups can re-evaluate. If this was a movie, think of us as screenwriters and yourself as the director. 

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Our company was started by two PhD-level scientist entrepreneurs and has since then, our team has grown to include highly accomplished scientists (who have won >$100M in grants and contracts in their careers)software engineers, Google-exited startup founders, senior exec’s at unicorn-valued companies, former DoD contracting officers. We’ve been backed by the US Air Force, multiple top-tier accelerators, top VC firms, and have also received an official endorsement from the Governor of California for our SBIR/STTR support system. You can look us up on 

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