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NIH4Startups Program

Turbosbir is here to help you make a high quality, painless grant proposal. Our PhD grant writers work alongside you every step of the way. We offer paid upfront as well as success-based (due, only if you win) payment models for the grant-writing support. Our last few cohorts of startups had over a third that were recommended for funding – double than the national average success-rate!

We GUARANTEE compliant submissions and high-quality proposals, as long as you are committed to applying and collaborating with us through the program!

Client Testimonials

Prof. Kumar S.Founder, SygnaMap
SBIR Awardee
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Rupak and Omnisync team truly have a finger on the pulse of startups! Their help is timely, thorough, enthusiastic and genuine. Their insights for bringing a product-focus to our NIH SBIR application was invaluable. We are hesitant to approach the unknown NSF realm, but with Rupak's support we recently got a Project Pitch approved. In addition to the excellent grant strategy advice Omnisync has also gathered together excellent resources (bank, insurance, etc.) that startups need to get going. Omnisync has made it very easy for us to concentrate on the science and we are very confident to turn to them for help at all times.
Daniel MurphyFounder/CEO, DNP Management, LLC dba Oath Aging Care
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“I can confidentially attest to the value of the TurboSBIR platform and process for NIH grant submission. Prior to working with TurboSBIR we had very little exposure to the SBIR application process and quite frankly, had never been involved in research planning nor grant writing. Needless to say, given the limited resources for our startup team and the very limited expertise we had in the grant-writing space, we would never have tackled the pursuit of an SBIR were it not for TurboSBIR's support. While our team doesn't shy-away from 'heavy-lifting', we truly had no clue what work we needed to do for a grant proposal.
Anuj Khandelwal CEO, Empo Health
SBIR Awardee
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“We have never applied for a grant before, and TurboSBIR did a fantastic job helping walk us through the process of submitting an NSF SBIR Phase I pitch & proposal. As an early-stage startup, we appreciated their pricing and self-serve model as compared to what we saw from higher-cost grant consulting firms. I had lots of little questions throughout the process, and Rupak was extremely responsive. We are very satisfied with our experience and plan to use TurboSBIR for our future grant submission needs.”
Paul L.CEO, VRx Medical Inc.
SBIR Awardee
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“I am applying for an SBIR grant. Without OmniSync, navigating the government grant process is overwhelmingly complex. The OmniSync platform makes the process doable. It's a great combination of digital tools that keep you organized, workflows that give you step-by-step directions, and access to brilliant consultants to give you the best chance to win.”




About the NIH

NIH’s SBIR and STTR programs invest over $1B into health and life science companies that are creating innovative technologies that align with NIH’s mission to improve health and save lives. A key objective is to translate promising technologies to the private sector and enable life- saving innovations to reach consumer markets.

Funded Topics

  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular Biology
  • Health Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Physical Sciences
  • Immunology
  • Neurosciences
  • Neurobiology
  • Psychology
  • Social Sciences

For additional details and questions visit us at

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TurboSBIR is novel software solution that helps startups apply for SBIR grants and contracts, including NIH grants, by streamlining and simplifying the process. Think of TurboSBIR as the “TurboTax for SBIRs”. More information is available at
Note: “TurboTax” is a registered trademark of Intuit Inc. OmniSync/TurboSBIR claim no trademark rights over the TurboTax brand name. The comparison is made to enable ease of understanding for the reader.

To bring the best of both worlds (streamlined technology and human intelligence), TurboSBIR is partnering with NIH-specialist consultant firms and utilizing its own resources, all with a higher-than-average rate of success. Through these partnerships, we are offering grant-consulting services on a success-fee basis to qualified startups. This means that if you qualify, you only pay us for the grant consultations if, and when, you are successful in getting the award.

We are initiating this program because we are highly confident that this unique combination of human excellence and technology-based streamlining of efficiency is a superior way to win NIH grants. So much so that we are willing to bet our money on it (standard grant writing costs range between $5-10K per grant). Our team of grant writer/consultant partners also have a higher-than-average success-rate, so that helps with the economics for our operations.

Our CEO, Rupak Doshi is one of those people who believe that this model lends itself to unethical behavior from grant writers. However, this is the case when grant-writing consultants choose to offer this model for some startups and charge other startups upfront cash, because it encourages unequal amounts of effort from the consultant for different startups.

Instead, the NIH4Startups program will offer the success-fee model to ALL qualified startups for their NIH Phase 1 applications, without picking and choosing between them. Plus, we have partnered with writers who have an incredible success-rate, which is why we believe that the way we’ve structured this program is ethical and fair to all parties involved.

Yes – well, the grant writing service is $0 upfront.

But, for our grant writer partners to do this in a scalable way, we need to use software to streamline and manage the process with high efficiency. TurboSBIR allows the efficient scaling of this operation, in a way that makes economic sense for everyone involved in this program. So, you will be paying to use this software, because it costs us to host and run it, and the software is what makes this entire program possible in the first place.

The cost is $100/mo, which you can cancel at any time, no questions asked. But most of our customers don’t cancel on us, because they find tremendous value in using the grant content created for one proposal for the purposes of applying to multiple other SBIR grant programs. We will help you do this through our consulting support, which is included in your monthly plan.

If we find that you are not a good fit for this program, then we will provide a full refund of your $100. So, think of this like a refundable deposit.

It’s complicated, and easier to explain what won’t happen. Don’t expect the writer/consultants to hear your idea for 30 mins or look at a slide-deck and then write out your complete grant from scratch. You are delusional if you expect that from any grant writer consultant, at least not affordably or of decent quality. What can be expected is that the NIH4Startups program will help you structure all the information required for the writer/consultants to do a great job with your proposal. Our goal is to bring you further along in the process so that the consultants can help all applicants in a scalable, economic, and efficient way. Clapping requires both hands and this collaboration is what makes this program possible.

Easy! Click the ‘Apply Here’ button above to get started.

You can try reaching us on our website/chat. But we are expecting high volumes of startup applicants for this program and may not be able to return emails/calls in a timely manner. We believe that with the refundable deposit and intake form, we’ve done enough to provide startups all the information required and low-enough barrier to entry to begin the process with us.

Unfortunately, we can’t give out their names at this stage of applicant intake. You can imagine why. We wouldn’t want them to get repeatedly contacted by startups to ask for the success-fee ‘deal’, because this is not what they normally do. The NIH4Startups is a special program, an experiment, which we might repeat later in the year if things go well.

Sure! We always welcome constructive feedback. Leave us a chat message or email


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