Are Your Startups Taking Advantage of the $4 Billion Federal SBIR/STTR Program?

With a win-rate of 35% (2-2.5x the national average) and a 100% compliant submission rate, our software has helped 600+ startups apply for grant funding, with our winners earning >$8 million in non-dilutive funding

Our “TurboTax”-style software has helped 600+ startups apply for federal grant funding since 2020, with a win-rate of 35% (2-2.5x the national average) and >$8 million in non-dilutive capital earned by our winners.

Are You A Potential Partner?

Accelerator or Incubator

Help your startups win non-dilutive funding for their research.

Venture Capitalist or Angel Investor

Strengthen your cap tables with non-dilutive funding.

University or SBA-Funded Organization

Let us help scale your SBIR efforts.

How Does TurboSBIR Help Your Startups Win Non-Dilutive Funding?

Step One:

Find Your Funding Opportunity


Use Our Free AI-powered Search and Matching Engine


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Get PhD-level Support for Your Search

Step Two:

Apply for Grant Funding


Have An Easier Time With Our Streamlined Software

Free search and matching tools

Easy workflows

Winning samples, templates, and guides

Biweekly Ask-Me-Anything sessions with senior grant/contract consultants

Connections with collaborators and resources


Use an Expert

Take Advantage of Low-Cost Proposal Writing Services

Pay upfront for writing support or pay exclusively on a success fee-basis


Hear from our partners

Rohit ShuklaFounder & CEO, Larta Institute
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"We chose to work with OmniSync, first and foremost, because of the chemistry between Rupak and us, and the team and us, and in the competence and awareness that OmniSync brings to the table. I was personally proud to endorse him for the State’s endorsement to SBA, and honored that Larta was part of the proposal. From then on, we knew that creating and nurturing an end-to-end partnership for applicants in the earliest stages in the SBIR program to exploring other federal and other opportunities where our skill sets and organizational strengths add value to each other, was a remarkable and worthwhile endeavor! Turbo SBIR is really well thought-out and organized and deploys an effective “network-centric” approach, which we espouse in our own work at Larta. The simplicity and streamlined approach to applying and cultivating one’s submission provides for an accelerated and well-honed submission and increases the odds of winning in a more directed fashion."

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